About Us

HEIC converter has an innovative way of converting HEIC files to JPG – it’s a free online converter. This concept lies on the grounds of the future of technology. Our main goals during the development of the HEIC converter were speed, safety, and reliability. But foremost, we felt strongly that the HEIC converter should be free. To make an ideal tool for conversion of Apple’s incompatible image format HEIC to JPG, we needed a team of professional developers that can understand our vision. This is how we started our journey to creating the HEIC converter.

Our headquarter is in Toronto and it is the place where our idea was born. Slowly, but firmly we started this project and formed a team that can take our idea to reality. We wanted to make the fastest conversion tool that will be time saving and entirely free. The first step for creating the perfect conversion tool was to create a simple and user-friendly design. We made sure that anyone can use it with ease. When we sorted out the technical part and testing of the converter, we were ready to share it with the world.

Despite long and difficult developing processes we pulled through, and now we are proud to present to our users a completely free online HEIC converter that converts files in a matter of seconds. But our mission isn’t over yet. We are still growing and improving, and also fixing glitches on our way to the top. The biggest confirmation of our success is certainly numerous converted files and users that frequently use HEIC converter and recommend it to their friends. That is why we will continue evolving, but our services will remain free.