HEIC Privacy Policy

The HEIC converter keeps complete transparency with their users. We make sure that converting your files from HEIC to JPG format goes without a glitch, and here is how we do it. In our Privacy Policy, we will explain in detail why, how, and which user data we collect and use. The main reason for data collection is creating statistics that can help us improve and maintain the optimal functioning of the HEIC converter.

What information do we collect?

There is no registration as a condition for using the HEIC converter. Browsing and using the HEIC converter’s website is completely free for all visitors. The type of information that we collect from our visitors varies, but mostly include browser type and version, referrals, duration of conversion of uploaded files, and date and time of the visit. Also, as most other websites do, we may use your Internet protocol address to create statistics for our website and improve our functionality. We also use IP to identify the authorized person to download converted files. We use collected data primarily for assessing the HEIC converter’s performance and finding ways to improve user experience.

How we use gathered data?

HEIC converter automatically erases uploaded and temporary data right after conversion. We delete all converted files within 1 hour after the conversion. The only way to download converted files is on the same IP address the uploaded file originated from. No third parties have access to uploaded or converted files. We also do not share impersonalized user information we collect with third parties.

How we maintain your security?

The security of your information is our top priority. We make sure that on our website no third parties can get access to your files. However, we do not guarantee the security of your files during transmission through the Internet, as no one can with 100% certainty.

While on the HEIC converter’s website, we protect your files from unauthorized access and disclosure except if demanded by the law. When you download your converted files, we assure you they will be automatically deleted from our servers in 1 hour.

On the HEIC converter's website, you can stumble upon advertisements from third party websites. We carefully choose which advertisements are offered, but we are not responsible for their security and the security of your information on third party websites. Take that into account and read their privacy policy for more information.

Which cookies we use and why?

Most websites use cookies to gather impersonalized information about the user’s browser and preferences. HTTP cookies are only active while you’re using our website. HEIC converter uses cookies to make statistics that are vital for improving functionalities and fixing problems. We are not responsible for third-party websites that are connected with our website and may also use cookies. Read their Privacy Policy to discover how and why they use cookies.

Changes and updates

We remain the right to change our Privacy Policy along the line. Check this page periodically to be up to date. For further information that you might need, go to the Contact Us page to send us an e-mail.